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Scent Descriptions


BARBER SHOP - Mild, light and just clean. Reminds me of my grandpa after a haircut & shave at the Barber. Women love to use this too.

BONFIRE - Gentle dusky breezes & bonfires. Amber, smoky sandalwood, musk, charred pine & cedar. Hint of vanilla & roasted marshmallows.  Unique, Complex & Appealing.

COFFEE BEAN - Removes cooking odors from hands. Ex; Fish, Garlic, Onions. Made with Colombian Arabic beans and Coffee Essential Oil.  Makes a great face soap,  Caffeine is skin tightening on the skin.

CUCUMBER MINT - Clean, Fresh, Bright scent. Cucumber with a hint of mint. This one is new and CUSTOMERS LOVE IT. 

**DAFFODIL - Fresh, Very Floral, Beautiful Spring yellow.  Natural color from actual Daffodil petals.

 EUCALYPTUS & SPEARMINT - Fresh, invigorating, clean.  Lift your spirits with this custom blend of refreshing eucalyptus with a touch of sweet spearmint!  One of my new favorites! 

EUCALYPTUS & THYME - Just a sprinkle of fresh thyme along with Eucalyptus oil  - a delicious blend

**FALL CIDER - Tart apple with a touch of cinnamon & allspice. A touch of vanilla to bring it all together.

FIRE FLY - Reminiscent of walking into a Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch store. Sexy, classy, masculine, but the ladies LOVE it too.

GARDENERS BAR - Juicy lemon and fine pumice. 

GINGER ORANGE - My husbands favorite. Mild, stays with you A very mild orange with a smooth mix of ginger. Everyone loves this one.

GREEN CLOVER - Super fresh. Super clean, Spring and summer wrapped in a bar. Not floral, reminds me a little of freshly mowed grass on a dewy morning. My absolute favorite!  Freshly picked clover just enhances this bar.

HAPPY HIPPY - Relive the 60's.Combined Patchouli & Sandalwood make this bar perfect.

LAVENDER - Spanish lavender, lavender flowers. Not your usual over powering lavender.

**LILAC - Spring in a bar!! Only available in the Spring, until its gone. Close your eyes when you sniff this bar...you won't believe its not a freshly picked lilac bloom.

**MISTLETOE - Custom blend of luscious cranberry, vanilla, cinnamon and just a hint of peppermint 

MONKEY FARTS - NO, NOT STINKY! Fresh bananas, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple. Vanilla undertones.  You know...its what monkeys eat!

MOUNTAIN BLACKBERRY - Slightly sweet.  Pure fruit without any perfume or candy tones. Another 2017 best seller.

OATMEAL & HONEY - Whole oats, colloidal oatmeal, local honey. Smooth, soft and mild.

**PUMPKIN PATCH - Not a pumpkin lover???  This will change your mind.  Warm & inviting. Pumpkin, nutmeg, cloves, rum and vanilla. Not too sweet but just right.

REFRESH-MINT - Peppermint essential oil along with peppermint leaves. Invigorating, refreshing.

ROSE PETAL - Tender and realistic rose scent.  

SHAVING BAR - Earthy, masculine, not overpowering. Great for legs too.

SNOWY PINES - Custom blend of Blue Spruce and Fraser Fir.  A true pine scent.

SWEET SOUTHERN SUNSHINE - Juicy tangerine, sweet peach...All Things Southern. Tangerine zest adds to the character of this bar.  A definite customer favorite!!

UNSCENTED - Not a scent kind a person, sensitive nose??  This is just for you. Absolutely no scent added.